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Lightning Express - Currently Unavailable

20 min
Currently unavailable. Lightning Express is a free fall that is fun for all and will leave you breathless!
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 48''
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Free-fall up to 25mph down this slide sitting 85 ft. high!

We apologize, this attraction is currently unavailable.

Lightning Express lets you slide at lightning speed

Our most exciting attraction here at Sandcastle begs the question of all thrill-seekers: can YOU handle sliding as fast as a fresh bolt of lightning? With not one or two but three breathtaking slides to conquer, Lightning Express gives you the chance to show your family what you’re made of! From 60 feet over the scenic Monongahela River, with the summer breeze in your hair, you’ll be faced with the question of which slide’s calling you. With two double-dip slide channels to warm up, you’ll race your friends and family down the slightly calmer 250-foot drops with bounces to break the fall. However, for someone looking to show off to everyone they know, THE MONSTER is the must-see slide that towers over the rest in the whole park!

A free-fall slide starting at 85-feet with a gradual slope of 25 feet that drops to a steep 60 feet, THE MONSTER will leave you breathless. With nothing to hold onto for dear life, and no bounces to break the free fall, you’ll hit speeds of up to 25 miles an hour! However, once you splash down into the 4-inch deep pool waiting to cushion your fall below, you’ll hear the cheers of your family. Plus, with the lifetime of bragging rights that the lightning-fast and lightning-bright plunge just earned you, you’ll probably put your hands up and cheer too! If you’re at least 48” tall and looking for a lightning-bold thrill you’ll remember forever, Lightning Express is the slide for you and your family.

For the other half of the ultimate day full of thrills here at Sandcastle, bring the whole squad over to Boardwalk Blasters! Just like the twin double-dip slides of Lightning Express, a pair of slides give you and a buddy the chance to race each other to the bottom. The only catch is that there’s a free fall of a different kind at the end, and a 12-foot deep landing pool waiting to catch you!

How many water park slides does it take to have a whole day of thrill and fun?


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