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Set along the Monongahela River, experience 15 waterslide attractions, the Mon Tsunami Wave Pool, scenic Mushroom Pool, the relaxing lazy river, and two children’s area – all located on a boardwalk that is sure to make you feel like you're on vacation!

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Blue Tubaluba

Tube Slide

The Blue Tubaluba was Sandcastle’s first dual rider, enclosed slide. The blue partly translucent slides let riders experience the water thrills of misters, waterfalls, and total darkness along two 450- foot long slides before landing in a 4 foot deep pool.

Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.

Boardwalk Blasters

Body Slide

Strong swimmers only for this extreme action slide. Race down two 25-foot long slides to a soaking surprise ending – a 7-foot free fall into a 12-foot deep landing pool!

Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.


Tube Slide

What if you could take a break while sliding? That's exactly what happens each time you land in a "sky pond" along our Cliffhanger Slides! Riders hike up 45 steps to the start of Cliffhangers then riders glide down parallel slides and enjoy three sky ponds along the way, until the final slide into the last landing pool.

Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.

Dragon's Den

Tube Slide

Sandcastle's newest, breathtaking answer to those on a quest for maximum thrills. You'll catapult through mysterious darkness and then plummet into the mist-shrouded abyss of the dragon…only to vanish from sight! You won't believe it until you encounter it face to face.

The Dragon's Den has a height restriction of 48" tall. Double riders only. Combined weight of riders may not exceed 400 lbs.

Lightning Express

Extreme body slide

The Lightning Express tower is 60-feet high, featuring two double dip slide channels and one free-fall slide. Each body slide chute is 250-feet long. Brave thrill seekers will enjoy THE MONSTER, a free-fall slide, starting 85-feet above the finish, with a gradual slope glide of 25-feet, that drops to a steep 60-feet, hitting speeds up to 25 miles per hour! Each slide finishes in a 4-inch deep braking lane of water.

Riders must be 48" to slide.

Thunder Run

Tube Slide

These 400-foot long tube slides are a great place to start your sliding experience at Sandcastle! Single riders begin their descent 50-feet above the Boardwalk before twisting, turning, banking, and splashing their way to a 4-foot deep landing pool.

Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.

Tubers Tower

Tube slide

Enjoy a thrilling tubing experience on Tubers Towers, where riders on single tubes glide down an over 400-foot long slide to a splash landing in 4-feet of water. Slide 1 riders must be under 150lbs and under 200lbs for remaining slides.

Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.

Rides & Slides

Twist, turn and slash your way through all 15 water rides. From thrill seekers to mild riders, there is a slide for everyone.

Waves, Rivers & Pools

Need a little R&R? Sandcastle has some great attractions in Pennsylvania just for that! Grab a raft and relax as you drift down the Lazy River.

Kiddie Slides

Sandcastle is home to some of the best Pittsburgh attractions for kids! Book a cabana and watch your children conquer their first waterslide at the Tad Pool or splash around at Wet Willie's Water Works.

Enjoy Sandcastle slides and rides at our sister amusement park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kennywood, when you buy a Ride & Slide Pass! Be sure to check out the discounts page for deals on events, dining, and more.

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